National University of Mongolia

National University of Mongolia

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National University of Mongolia (NUM)  is a public university with over 70000 alumni. The current staff consists of 800 faculty and 695 support staffs.

NUM is a member of IAU, UMAP and EPUN. 

Vision: We aim to become a national model research university which meets world standards and provides pillars for Mongolia’s development.

Mission: To be a sustainable university creating and distributing new knowledge in environmental, social, humanitarian and technological fields and significantly contributing the country’s development.

NUM is currently at a crossroads to lead the reform of higher education institutions in Mongolia. It offers educational opportunities at the undergraduate, master and doctoral levels through five academic schools: School of Arts and Sciences, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Law School, Business School and School of International Relations and Public Administration. 

In keeping with the mission of the University’s recently developed strategic plans for 2016-2024 the strategic objectives of NUM is

– Bringing the depth and breadth of research to the world standard

– Developing world-class learning and teaching experience

– Leading society through knowledge and championing excellence in public domain

– Achieving institutional autonomy, adopting best international management practices, and creating financial sustainability.

According to the strategic objectives one of the main aims of the NUM is to establish and develop an appropriate structure for the development of interdisciplinary research. To that end, much emphasis is placed on developing and improving interdisciplinary and interdepartmental graduate programs.

NUM is seeking opportunities and possibilities to improve skills of the teaching staff and educational programs to meet the world standard and market demand. Promoting the development of innovative educational methodology and new programs will be the crucial step toward the strategic aims of the organization.

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