Tuvan State University, Russia

Tuvan State University


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Tuvan State University is the only higher educational institution of the Republic of Tuva.

TuvSU provides highly qualified specialists for the education system and other important sectors of the economy of the Republic of Tuva

The structure of the University includes Kyzyl Pedagogical College, nine Faculties, 36 departments, the Military Training Center.

TuvSU provides training for specialists, bachelors and masters in a wide range of specialties and courses.

Currently, Tuva University has more than 5 thousand students, more than 300 teachers, many of whom are doctors and candidates of science.

TuvSU cooperates with 52 universities, research and educational centers of 10 foreign countries (China, Italy, South Korea, Japan, Germany, France, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia and others).

TuvSU is a young, promising University that seeks to provide its students with an innovative high-class education.

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